Freelance Journalist / Multimedia Producer



I believe that written words have the power to bridge gaps across nations and cultures, and I also believe the media can be an important tool through which perceptions and orientations can be changed and ultimately improve lives.I’m passionate about building awareness on a range of issues through my work. My goal is to engage readers interested in social justice, humanitarian issues, progressive policy, and international affairs. My current projects are writing primarily about adoption/foster care, investigative journalism, building audience engagement from underrepresented communities, and the power of art to impact communities positively. I’m also developing a podcast titled “The Diaspora.” I still produce documentaries (this does not pay my bills, though).
My interests are world travel, wildlife conservation, cinema, and I’m an inspiring polyglot. Traveling the world while being hosted by strangers has helped me broaden my horizon; this has taught me never to underestimate the ability of the human heart to love unconditionally. My work ranges from solutions-based journalism that seeks to address pressing social problems; I’m interested in interesting stories that can lead readers to important discoveries regarding themselves and their world.Driven by my passion for getting people informed, I take time to enlarge my understanding of issues and topics not on everyone’s radar.  I plan on placing my stories in a variety of mediums, from Podcasts, traditional journalism, and film. Good stories can be conveyed in various mediums, and some of these mediums can allow you, as a storyteller, to reach larger audiences.